• 11 Breast Enlargement Exercises that Really Works

    Did you know that physical appearance has a very big impact on the overall health status of a human being and in this case the self-esteem and mental health in women? Breast size asymmetry, macromastia, and micromastia are some of the health-related issues that affect thousands of women on the planet today. A good percentage of women on earth are actually not happy with the size of their boobs, and the most affected between those suffering from macromastia and micromastia are the micromastia. Did you know the average cost of the correction of asymmetry and breast augmentation surgery is $3,800 and the average cost for removal of breast implants is $2,500? With such kind of prices many women can’t afford but fortunately, all is not lost since increasing the size of one breast is not entirely dependent on surgery. The good news is that there are some exercises one can undertake and achieve the desired results of good looking, bigger and toned breasts. Here are some exercises that will work wonders on your breasts .

    1 Push Ups


    One of the most effective ways to enlarge your breasts as a woman is constantly doing some push-ups. A woman’s breasts are made up of fatty tissue and not muscle. When you take up push-ups as a routine exercise, it will affect your muscle tissue by increasing in mass and hence you will be working on your chest area which in return will expand the fat cells that make up a breast and the desired results will be realised. To get started your palms should be on the floor, your body and legs should be as straight as possible and both arms and feet shoulder width apart.To be to effectively stay in the right position especially your neck, you should keep your eyes focused ahead of you. To begin lower your body by bending your elbow until your chest almost touches the ground then push yourself up again. Repeat the exercise as many times as possible, but in a scenario where you find difficult to cope up on your toes you can kneel while undertaking the exercise.


    1. Push-Up With Alternating Shoulder Tap

    When undertaking this kind of exercise, you should get into a standard push-up posture with your palms on the floor and your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart in addition legs extended. You should also keep your entire body in straight line from the top of your head to your heels. Bend your elbows to lower your torso some inches through the ground (or as low as you can go without having to collapse), pause, and then press back again approximately the commencing posture. Next press back up to start and lift your right hand to tap your left shoulder. After you’re through return the hand to the floor and have a repletion on step A but this time round alternate the hands and lift your left hand off the ground and tap your right shoulder. Continue alternating your hands as you perform this exercise until you’re done with the number of reps.

    1. Wall Push Ups

    Among all the exercises listed in this article, this is the simplest of them all in relation to the simplicity of execution. When undertaking a wall push up exercise all you need to do since it has a similar concept as a traditional pushup you should assume the wall is the floor. Place your both feet away from the wall and make sure you’re your feet and arms are within shoulder width and you’re at an arm-length away from the wall. Lay your palms on the wall, bend your arms to bring yourself down until your forehead touches the wall. Repeat the steps again for the required number repetitions per set. Always remember to breath in when your moving towards the wall and breathing out when your moving away from the wall.

    1. Elevated push ups / Build Momentum Using Incline Push-Ups

    Here is another exercise you can switch to for those who might feel the wall push-ups is an easy task for them. Elevated push-ups or rather incline push-ups will build your pectoral muscles and in return increase your breasts size. To get started get a Swiss ball or a chair or a sofa and place your legs on the edge of the object (Swiss ball, Sofa). Make sure your palms are shoulder-width apart as you place your palms on the floor and lower yourself then push yourself up again. Make sure you repeat the steps again for the required number of repetitions per set. Don’t forget to breathe in as you lower your body and breathe out as you raise it.

    1. Plyometric Push-ups

    Possibly you would like to see first results and if that’s the case, you can build explosive strength and power in your chest by trying out this exercise. A traditional push up sounds too easy and the fact that you push yourself upright  try an exercise where your hands leave the floor and you get to clap and on the same microseconds your hands are down on the floor and you can lower you’re your body and repeat the exercise once again for a number of times. 10 reps sound like the ideal number.

    1. Dumbbell Flys // Chest Flys

    Another great effective exercise to enlarge your boobs is chest fly’s or dumbbell fly’s. To be able to execute this exercise you will need access to a dumbbell set and a bench. Lie down on a bench and make sure that the dumbbell weight is something you can handle. Straighten your arms until your elbows are completely or almost straight. Turn your arms until the palms face each other and make sure you don’t bend your elbows. Breathe in while you’re lowering your dumbbell weights and breathe out when you are lifting your weights.

    1. Reverse Dumbbell Flys

    Reverse Dumbbell Fly are just quit similar with normal flys only that they are a bit challenging since you will be facing the floor contrary to chest flys where you face upwards. You can decide to lie down on your stomach on a bench, Swiss ball or just stand up and bend over. Assuming your standing up grab a pair of dumbbells and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your knees, of course, should be slightly bent, and your back should be flat. Lift or rather swing both arms outwards and lower the dumbbells back together. Perform the exercise at least ten reps.


    1. Chest Dips / Chair Dips

    For those who are thinking to buy breast enlargement creams since some work a chest dips exercise works since one gets to work on the chest muscles and your triceps too. To get started position yourself on the chair and place your palms on the edge of the seat, chair or the bench while your fingers point towards the direction of your feet. While still, your palms have a grasp of an edge of a chair and your butt is not at the edge of the chair squat on the floor at a position your elbows are at a 90-degrees angle until you line up with your elbows. Before you touch the ground lift yourself up again to the starting position and repeat the exercise at least ten reps for remarkable results.

    1. Shoulder Rounding

    Rounded shoulders which is basically postural abnormality can make your breast look smaller than their actual size.To get started on the exercise you need lie face down on a mat on the ground and stretch your arms in front of you and ensure your palms are facing down. The next step is to squeeze your shoulder blades together as you drive your elbows together behind you and lift your upper body (chest) up off the ground. When done release with some moderation n order to be able to say a complete one rep has taken place

    1. Medicine Ball Pull Over for Firm Breasts

    This is a simple exercise that can produce some results. All you need to do is hold the medicine ball straight in the air until your arms are straight. In a slow motion lower the medicine ball just behind your head and don’t forget to keep your arms lengthened with a soft elbow bend. As you bring the ball back to the original position that’s the chest, you should squeeze your triceps and chest.


    1. Kneeling Chest Stretch

    This is another effective exercise that will make you achieve the desired results. To get started sit on your heels place your palms on the floor just a few inches from you and try lifting your chest high in a scenario where you arch your back. In order to effectively execute the exercise try your level best to lower your head behind you and hold at least half a minute.


    For you to achieve the desired results and the exercise to be effective you need some consistency, perseverance, discipline and patience. The above exercises have been tested and verified that they actually work if they are done in the right way. Other exercises that you might be interested in researching are plank walk, chest press, light weight bench press, squats, swimming among other exercises.  Save your money and increase your breasts size the natural way.

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